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Gamboa do Morro de Sao Paulo
Tinhare Island, Cairu, Bahia
Phone/Fax: 55 75 3653.7075
In front of Toque beach.
Rooms with refrigerator, air condicioned, roof ventilator and TV.

Have fun in Morro and relax at GAMBOA.

(3 km walking beside the beach, or 10 minutes by boat).

Reservations and informations :


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Spacious meal room, where you can taste the best Gamboa's breakfast. Wecan serve other meals as you wish.

Double bed rooms including a single bed, or if you prefer 3 or 4 single beds.
All rooms have refrigerator, air condicioned, roof ventilator and TV.

Balcony with a wonderful sea view, hammock and chairs for your relax.

The Gamboa do Morro is a very nice fisher village, with some very interesting attraction like your church.

Sunset like this is a diary show.

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In front of "Pousada do Sol" there is a "Ana Banana - Lanches" Ana Paula is the owner,(our Nutritionist) there you can find a delicious lunchs

Photos from Pousada


Photos from Gamboa.

Beyond the amazing tour to "Morro de São Paulo" (beatiful beachs, lighthouse view, Fonte Grande, Mangabas' Field and Barra Fort), you can visit "Cairu" city, "Garapua" Village, "Boipeba" Village, "Galeão" Village and "Ponta do Curral" and "Coroa" beach.

How you can get there

Tinhare island's main village, besides Gamboa do Morro, Morro de Sao Paulo is the biggest attraction from the called "Costa do Dende". From Salvador, you have two options to go this paradise island :

1 - Take motorboats at Mercado Modelo pier if you want to go directly to Gamboa.

2 - If you'd like to appreciate the landscape you can cross by Ferry-Boats till Bom Despacho, at Itaparica Island, and from there take a very confortable bus to Valenca where you can take a boat to Gamboa. The trip Valenca-Gamboa takes 1 hour, if you come in a regular line, or 15 minutes by fast-boat.

If you come by car from the south, you have BR-101 road as an option.

While you are coming you can enjoy a spetacular landscape. Don't forget your camera ! The boat that comes from Valenca to Gamboa and Morro de Sao Paulo goes down the Una River crossing a lot of naval docks (Valenca is the mail naval handmade building region of the country). While you are appreciating the swamp the boat rises the Taperoa canal between land and island. The Sao Francisco Xavier church view, at the top of Galeao village, in Tinhare Island, is a blessing for your eyes... And the enchantments didn't end, the best are coming : Gamboa do Morro, a quiet, beatiful and hidden village. The old lighthouse at the top of the hill tells the visitors that the paradise is here !

Know the Morro and Gamboa is feel gorgeous of seeing a new world. On their beaches you can pratice sports, listen a good music, and have an approachment with the magic baiano folklore.
Morro de Sao Paulo is a touristic place, with crystalline water, coral of reef and the green Atlantic Florest. Native people, descendent from Aimores and Tupiniquins tribes, are extremelly friendly and so glad to receive the visitors.

A piece of History

The portuguese explorer Martim Afonso de Souza was the first foreigner to arrive officially at Tinhare Island, in 1531. For a long time, Morro de Sao Paulo bay on Bahia coast was a free pirates and corsaires zone, specially frenchmen and dutchmen. They found here an easy entrance to Todos os Santos Bay. For that reason, in the next century, it was necessary begin to built a serie of forts.

Reservations and Informations: Phone/Fax: 55 75 3653.7075

"Camping da Gamboa"- Gamboa do Morro de São Paulo
Tinhare island - Bahia